About Us


CROPZ - Founded in 2020, we have been pursuing the same goal ever since: We want to create a place where everyone can safely and easily purchase limited and original sneakers and clothes.
Together with our team, we strive every day to pursue exactly this goal and to offer our customers more and more.

But who are we?

MANUEL DAX - CEO (Cropz GmbH & Cropz Ingolstadt GmbH)

“I take care of the entire back office from accounting to purchasing to the online shop. I also take care of the commission business and everything else that comes up.”

REDON LIPOVICA - CEO (Cropz Ingolstadt GmbH)

“I completely take care of our store in Ingolstadt. This includes tasks such as scheduling our employees in the store, marketing strategies for the store and integrating our items.”
Cropz Ingolstadt

At Westpark 6

85057 Ingolstadt

West Park Shopping Center

Mon - Sat 10 a.m. - 8 p.m
Sundays and public holidays - Closed