The fight against fake sneakers: How we defend originality and quality

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In the exciting world of sneakers, finding limited and original models has become a challenge as the number of counterfeit shoes continues to increase. Customs is overloaded and the quality of counterfeits is reaching frighteningly realistic levels. In this blog post we take a look at the rising tide of counterfeit sneakers and how we as retailers defend originality and quality.

The flood of counterfeits

The rising popularity of limited edition sneakers has cast a shadow over the market - counterfeit sneakers have become a plague. Counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated and it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers and retailers to recognize the authenticity of a pair of shoes.

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The excessive demands of customs

Customs plays a crucial role in the fight against counterfeit goods. Unfortunately, the authorities are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of imported goods. This opens up the opportunity for counterfeiters to keep their products under the radar. The challenge is to find ways to support customs while maintaining the authenticity of our products.

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Our commitment to originality and quality

As a provider of limited edition sneakers, our top priority is providing authentic, high quality products. We understand our customers' concerns and actively work to ensure that every pair of shoes that leaves our warehouse is of the highest quality and originality.

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Our testing process

To combat the growing threat of counterfeit sneakers, we have intensified our vetting process. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology and in-depth knowledge of each model to ensure our customers receive only authentic sneakers.

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The role of the community

We believe the sneaker community can play a critical role in fighting counterfeits. By exchanging information and educating people about authenticity, we can together make a contribution to keeping the market clean.

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The rise of counterfeit sneakers is undoubtedly a challenge, but we are determined to defend originality and quality. By continuing to improve our vetting process and mobilizing the sneaker community, together we can ensure that true sneaker lovers can maintain the authenticity and uniqueness of their shoes.

We would also like to add that you are committing a criminal offense simply by ordering and this can result in a fine or reimbursement of costs of over €1000.